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Above may have Websites have a blog section where they publish SEO-optimiz content, increasing the number of keywords for which the website is visible. In the case of blog content, to gain an advantage over a competitor, you should pay attention to niche topics and all those that have not yet receiv a response from competitors. Other subpages worth paying attention to are category and product pages. If these pages are also enrich with content, you know that SEO is one of your competitor’s marketing strategies.

What to pay attention to

When analyzing competitor content? First seo expate bd of all, analyze elements such as: Higher order headings like H , but also lower order headings like H , H or H How your competition enters keywords What is the structure of the URLs? How long is the written content? How are the meta titles and descriptions (maybe the competition writes them in a better way, i.e. have better calls-to-actions, or make better use of keywords) How often are articles publish? To find out more about how to optimize your content, read our article: Tips on How to Optimize Your Posts for SEO c) Backlinks Backlinks from external sites can be compar to recommendations.

If there are many

External links to a particular page, especially Find List from sites with high authority, a website will be rat higher by Google. In addition to creating content, this is another factor that influences building a website’s authority. To understand why your competitors rank so high in search results, you should analyze the direct links to their website. Thanks to tools like ahref, you can easily track the number of incoming links and the websites that lead to them. Source: ahrefs What you should pay attention to is whether the links receiv coincide with changes in visibility over time, whether they are receiv regularly, and what is the nature of these links.

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