Although small in number the mementos

Even though I couldn’t sleep for Although small in days to complete my assignments and my submissions were rejected multiple times, I was among the first 50 people to submit assignments. I’m so happy that I got a DTS tumbler as a souvenir.”

Thias received taught him that rejection is not proportional to failure. If he perseveres and continues to correct his mistakes, his efforts will bear fruit in the future.

“Mistakes make us grow”

After studying at DTS PROA Android, Tiyas gained more than just knowledge. He feels he has an excellent network that connects him with technologists like his mentor Derry. In addition, Thias has received job offers from recruiters through LinkedIn.

Thias’ broad perspective in specialized

technology fields led him to dream of one day becoming a product manager at a unicorn startup. Knowing that he had to go through List Of Real Mobile Number List several stages to get there, Thias planned to start his career as a software engineer after college as a preparation. Tiyas also admitted that the international standard learning from DTS can bring him one step closer to his dream.

“In order to achieve my goals, I always instill in myself, no matter how many mistakes I make, don’t give up, don’t complain. Instead, I think this mistake will make me grow and know how to solve the problem.”

In addition to seeing his mistakes

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as learnings, Thias believes he must keep learning. This is because technology is evolving every day.

Therefore, as a scientific and technological talent, it is necessary to constantly equip yourself with new knowledge.

At the end of the interview that day, Taias said,

“Studying at DTS is highly recommended for FIND List those who want to deepen their skills in the technical field. The courses offered by Dicoding are always at the cutting edge. Apart from this, the presence of on-site conference facilities, discussion groups and tutors also greatly facilitates learning process.”

Thanks Tyas! Good luck in creating the daily activity app you crave for Muslims.

Friends who want to register, there are still opportunities! Registration for the DTS PROA Android and Cloud is still open for new participants until Sunday, May 8, 2022. For information and registration, click this link now.

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