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An enables It is also a good idea to participate in industry events, such as fairs, conferences or open days. Participation in such events is a great way to strengthen brand recognition, attract new individual customers and expand the network of business contacts. Our compatriots are less likely to register a company. It should be emphasized that entrepreneurs from outside the Czech Republic can run a company there under the same conditions as citizens of the country. What are the costs of doing business in the Czech Republic ? Is it profitable to run a shop in the Czech Republic.

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Taxes in the Czech Republic are not as severe for entrepreneurs as those in Poland. The tax threshold is CZK 1.2 million, which is approximately CZK 240,000 in our currency. zloty. The system of tax reliefs is extensive – you can deduct photo editor amounts related to the use of a pension fund, training, a child or even a professionally inactive spouse. Poles directing their business steps to the Czech Republic also pay attention to the attractive possibility of flat-rate settlement of tax deductible costs up to 60% of its value, taking into account the limit of CZK 1.2 million.

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In practice, the entrepreneur then pays about PLN 1,000 per month – this amount already includes income tax as well as pension, social and health contributions. The tax-free amount in the Czech Republic is approx. PLN 40,000 when converte into the Polish currency. zloty. The health insurance contribution is voluntary. In turn, the social security rate depends on the tax base. It is a minimum Find List of PLN 500 and increases with the increase in income. In the Czech Republic, there are two basic rates of personal income tax – 15% and 22%. For companies it is 19%.

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