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It goes without saying that researchers

Yes because the Digivents system is really very intuitive. Bas on simple logic and a clear graphical interface simply associate the keys with the functions you prefer to develop a personaliz app with the greatest possible convenience. Once you ve creat the app you can send a download link to your event attendees. They will download it and find their life greatly simplifi In fact among the various things you can develop with Digivents there are event check in management systems.

Instead of having to wait in a boring

Queue to register those who attend the meeting will simply have to show the welcomers a QR code automatically generat by the app. Otherwise registration can take place automatically as the participant passes through the entrance via the Bluetooth system Austria Email List which connects their smartphone with that of the reception staff. During the meeting the app that you will have develop with Digivents will be useful for sending questions directly to the event speaker. It s a similar system to webinars only it s live Furthermore the participants in your event will also be able to communicate with each other by activating a specific social function.

Country Email List

This is the ideal system not only

To encourage socialization between participants but also to exchange photographs and documents without the ne for inconvenient paper supports. Last but not least you will be able to submit a questionnaire to the participants of your Italy Phone Number meeting. The system will automatically generate graphs and tables that will allow you to in depth analysis of user feback… and of course to correct your mistakes and improve your events in the future You will have understood that Digivents is a truly complex tool and it is difficult to describe it in these few lines.

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