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with relatives and friends who have come to attend your speech. In this case we have several options group everyone together at home go to dinner in a restaurant or organize an evening with friends. programm to ring at all hours of the day so as to drive you crazy or fill all your belongings with toilet paper or fill the floor with plastic cups full of water.

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More material you can focus on something technological an engrav fountain pen jewellery or something inherent to the passion of the new graduate. The choices are truly endless. . The best films about graduation parties and university life There are films relating to any topic Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List the same goes for university life or the graduation issue. Here are some films older or older that talk about the problems fears opportunities and joys that all people have had to face during their school or rather university journey. “Graduation Party” by director Pupi Avati releas as “Graduation Party”. It is a film. Set in the s the film is about a pastry chef call by a lady to restore a villa in the countryside to organize a graduation party for her daughter.

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He has secretly been in love with the woman since he was a child. disaster but the pastry chef knows how to avoid losing his dignity. “Monsters University” is a famous animat film direct by Dan Scanlon. It s the story of two monsters who meet at Monster University. Both Russia Phone Number would like to become the best scarers in the world but they can t stand each other but little by little they will unite and become great friends. “Old School” is a film direct by Todd Phillips. The year old protagonist lives in rent on a university campus until the school decides to evict him.

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