Find List photo editing servies The way we use information

The way we use information

The way we use information. How to sell hoodies through VKontakte in hours Hello. I am Denis Soprano, expert on promotion of Friend Mia SMM is not for sales. Frequent skepticism about the effectiveness of social networks fades away with each such case. You just don t know how to cook it! Inde , there are no direct sales on social networks if you have just creat a public page and immiately want to sell a ton of T shirts or CDs. SMM , and in particular , sales on social networks , are effective with long term work a clearly built strategy , well establish stability.

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Continuous monitoring of all processes and , more importantly. With pre set goals and criteria for evaluating photo editing servies work. How it all start We have a cool client who produces directly sews corporate clothing and student sweatshirts with embroider university logos Tolstoy Wear. It was January the seventh month of promotion on VKontakte and Instagram , and the student’s day was approaching. On January days before the X hour , we were given the task of notifying students about a discount on university sweatshirts with embroider university logo in honor of Students’ Day.

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We went further. We create a whole platform for sales and intrigue Find List for Student Day. What we have improv The client s task seem boring to us and we realis that a discount. On university sweatshirts could and should be inflate and present as the brightest information opportunity. Therefore, we lengthen our list of tasks and set a goal. The goal is to get orders for sweatshirts. Tasks . Notify students about a discount on university sweatshirts client s task . Prepare a tool for correctly collecting orders . Motivate students to leave orders . Prepare to process feedback.

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