Most times we as managers use our autocratic

It is not the best to use force or to apply the conventional disciplinary approach to such individuals. They are really going through some challenges beyond their control and ne our help. Thank you. TODD I. STARK CONSULTANT I think we ne to learn more about this type of person to deal with this phenomenon. We ne to learn more about specifically how these folks bring something valuable into the organization and specifically how to minimize the damage.

Simply saying that jerks should

In a company is ridiculous. Many companies are run by jerks and some of the most successful projects in the world have been accomplish by jerks. Trait narcissism and psychopathy when not overly extreme and somewhat miat by other factors can uniquely drive success both Iraq Email List as individuals and in helping motivate groups. But it s not enough to characterize someone as brilliant or a jerk if you are working with them or managing them you ne to know precisely what they are good at doing and how to protect people from the darker aspects of their distinctive focus. ANONYMOUS We are all brilliant Jerks in one form or the other.

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As managers the problem with managing

These special class of people is our impatience in understanding that they are facing some form of challenge beyond them. We all have our good and bad sides Iran Telegram Number our strengths and weaknesses. All these can be curb. But how These jerks appear outrageous because of their awkward behaviour.  leadership approach to deal with them in the name of bringing about a change in behaviour. My late father once told me that behaviour cannot be chang but can be modifi. If we attempt this simple and common suggestion of modifying behaviour rather than attempting to change them then the untapp potentials in these jerks can be tapp to fullest and utilis before we hurrily exit them.

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