Ways to Find Untapped Keyword Ideas With Great Traffic

SEO success relies heavily on the keywords you choose to target. But most SEOs/marketers rely on the same tools (e.g. Google Keyword Planner) for keyword ideas and thus, many people often end up targeting the same small group of terms. The result? It becomes more difficult to rank for said keywords. I’m not saying keyword Ways to Find tools aren’t useful; they can give you almost endless keyword ideas. However, they tend to work best when you’re in a broad niche with many subtopics, as each subtopic will contain hundreds of thousands of relevant keywords (e.g. “fitness” may embody “weight loss” and “bodybuilding”).

But what if your

Niche is quite narrow? (e.g. “used cars”) What if all the juicy keywords typically thrown out by keyword tools have already been nailed by the competition? In this case, you’ll need to executive data learn more about your target audience and how they speak. This is the only way to find hidden keyword gems that haven’t already been picked up by your competitors. In this post, I’ll outline 4 simple ways to do this. I’ll also explain how to analyze them for traffic potential and ranking difficulty. Let’s get started! But, because we’re SEOs, most of us tend to subconsciously try to think of keywords that may have high search volumes. This is all fine until you consider the following.

Most of these keywords

Will be incredibly difficult to rank for; People search in many different ways (in fact, 16-20% of Google searches have never been performed before). It’s, therefore, important to Find List get inside the Ways to Find heads of your customers and think about the counterintuitive ways they may be searching for what you offer. Let’s take the example of a simple flower store. Most flower store owners will focus on conventional keywords (e.g. “buy flowers online”, “flower delivery London”, “cheap flower delivery”, etc.) But, if you sit down and think about how real people may search online, you may come up with things like: For example, many people aren’t aware that air humidifiers exist (solution) but they do know they have an issue with dry air (problem). These people will search for things like “dry air home remedies” rather than “buy air humidifier”.

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