Find List industry email list What can brands do to transform the tourism model

What can brands do to transform the tourism model

More than thirteen experts from the branding and tourism sectors will analyze and debate the urgent need for transformation of the sector and the role of brands in this change, in the third edition of The Brand Sessions , a forum created by the branding consultancy specialized in Tourism and Hospitality Mandarina Brand Society . It will be in a face-to-face session open to the public and via streaming designed to exchange experiences and knowledge that contribute to “maintaining the competitiveness of a key industry for our country, and its necessary transition from a volume model to a value model,” in the words of Pilar Domínguez , co-founder and Creative and Strategy Director of Mandarina Brand Society.

Different approaches to change from the brand

The Brand Sessions will bring to industry email list debate on October 28 problems, situations and different visions of the tourism sector , always with the perspective of the paradigm shift and the role of the brand in this evolution. As Pilar Domínguez points out, «the Spain brand has always led the tourism sector worldwide, but now we need to maintain a competitive and sustainable industry, to continue being a purchasing option for tourists . We are talking about a cultural transformation of the sector, which is essential for operational transformation to occur. And this is what we defend when it comes to rethinking brands, how we can redefine concepts, innovate from authenticity and responsibility and how our brand can be a vehicle to achieve this.

Topics such as the new consumer of the tourism product

 Which seeks transformative and memorable Find List experiences that do not end with the stay itself; the necessary digitalization of corporate and operational cultures and all their associated processes; the new business models that emerged after the emergence of investment funds in family businesses; the generational changes, the new leaderships and particularly the female one, with a much more cultural, political and committed sense; the necessary push for the development of many communities that live off tourism; the voice of the residents; and strategies that already question whether it is positive to always put the customer at the center and are committed to intelligent destination plans that allow one to control and manage their own growth.

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