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Was this good for pharmaceutical consumers Pfizer like pharmaceutical companies in general fac difficulties in growing sales due to the challenges of developing new drugs. Over the previous decade or more Pfizer had pursu acquisitions as a way to acquire new drugs increase sales and ruce costs by combining operations and cutting staff. Pfizer a U.S. company was also interest in.

AstraZeneca a UK company as a way

To ruce its corporate taxes. In recent years AstraZeneca had significantly strengthen its pipeline of potential new drugs and its board felt it was in a strong position to Japan Phone Number List go it alone. The company s CEO also indicat that an acquisition would be disruptive to its drug development efforts and delay new drugs coming to market. UK politicians express concerns over downsizing and job losses in the economically important pharmaceutical sector. The case allows readers to explore who benefits from a potential acquisition shareholders employees drug consumers and which of these stakeholders should be consider when deciding on an acquisition.

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A Pfizer and AstraZeneca M an PDF ENG HARVARD and AstraZeneca Marketing an Acquisition B This B case provides a brief description of the outcome Malaysia Phone Number of the A case. Purchase this case http product Pfizer and AstraZeneca M an PDF ENG HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL CASE Responsibilities to Society The Capitalist s Contract Societies face many pressing challenges with serious implications for business leaders.

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