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Protecting Its Reputation B On Tuesday March all globa. Il Partners of McKinsey Co. gathered at the Gaylord National Hotel Convention Center near Washington DC for their annual Partners conference. The atmosphere was tense as Partners in addition to their no. Irmal agenda discussed. CASE Fast Ion Battery John Davidson a partner at Ware Street Ca. Ipital WSC and a board member at Fast.

Galleon Group insider trading trial

The recent allegations against the Firm s former Managing Dir. Iector Rajat Gupta. Three months earlier Senior Partner Anil Kumar plead guilty to providing c. Ionfidential information about McKinsey clients he served to Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam. The McKinsey Partners were shocked and dismayed by the actions of Kumar as well as the recent allegations Kuwait Phone Number List against Gupta and were closely monitoring the situation. Could a fo. Irmer Managing Director of their Firm have conspired to enable insider trading And if so what did that mean for the future of the Firm Purchase this case http product McKinsey Co Protecti an PDF ENG H. IARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Phone Number List

Ion Battery had just received a phone call

From Don Lerner at Bluelock Ventures telling him that Bluelock would not partici. Ipate in the million bridge financing for Fast Ion Battery. Lerner s call could not. I have come at a worse time. Fast Ion was running out of cash and needed another round Nigeria Telegram Number of financing urgently to continue developing its revolutionary battery. Davidson faced a r. Ieal dilemma. gaining traction with developing its technology and the search to replace the curr. Ient CEO had yielded two prospective candidates who were extremely well suited to drive the company for. Iward with a more capital efficient business model.

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