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This will also improve the organizational

GOPALAN NARASIMHAN GN DIRECTOR BUMBLEE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Brilliant jerks make a direct contribution to the immiate numrs and stretch others to do more while their negative impact is not understood nor objectively debat for they are often the darlings of the management. In my opinion it boils down to the culture and leadership on how this issue is handl.

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A tough call to deal with them fore finally he sack them ad made the reasons known to all in unambiguous terms. Do other leaders have the conviction or the courage to do so A new approach to performance management should look at the following aspects sides the numrs. Can the Kyrgyzstan Email Lists employees  measur and incentiviz bas on organizational value creat instead of individual sales or other target achievements Example how to measure and quantify the value from a Customer acquisition that adds long term value in terms of innovation or market leadership as against contribution to quarterly targets Do we know what is a bad decision or bad sale and whether it is plough back into the star performer s performance evaluation What factors will go into such a measurement for organizational value creation and how to quantify them.

Country Email List

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Raising product standards c sat collaboration and teamwork quality reliability etc. How do we assess the impact of high individual performance at the cost of others Turkey Telegram Number performance Impact on others performance can  due to resources grabbing team morale customer satisfaction etc. A fresh approach to create a performance culture bas on real value creat is the ne of the hour.  climate ruce the unhealthy competition and unethical practices and above all tter respect for all individuals at the workplace. ANONYMOUS PRESIDENT There is a saying in leadership… you and your organization come what you tolerate.

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