Find List Country Email List Your journey is over and it time

Your journey is over and it time

Among the various blogs forums articles and so on dicat to the topic this video. Iis often cit which shows the ease with which a common hotel safe can  broken into May. I you don t have time to watch it or may . IEnglish isn t your strong point or may you don t have your earphones with. I you and you don t want to wake up the person sleeping next to you on the train. So I ll summarize what happens.

The gentleman we see entering

The room of this luxury hotel is call Jim Stickley and he is an expert in cyr security . Jim shows us the safe set in the wall inside the closet. He opens it and closes it by entering his security code. After that Jim shows us a metal plate showing the brand of the safe which is screw Laos Email Lists onto the door. With a small and common screwdriver Jim loosens one of the two screws and reveals that a small lock is hidden under the plate. Like in a classic escape film or if you prefer like a new McGyver with the help of a simple paper clip Jim manages to force the lock and open the safe The aforemention video is also taken up in an article by.

Country Email List

Mc Gooey also agrees with Jim a man equip

With certain skills and certain tools is easily able to circumvent a safe. However McGoey points out that Jim does not demonstrate how difficult it is for an attacker excluding service staff to reach a hotel room . . Mom I forgot the values doubt iconIt may seem a bit absurd but among Estonia Phone Number the various searches another reason has emerg why it is not recommend to deposit valuables in a hotel safe.  to return home. You re sad and have lost track of time.

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