Contribute to society by learning Android knowledge

You are happiest when you make your greatest contribution.”
Robert F. Kennedy

In the spirit of the above quote, we might agree that contributing fills our hearts. Aprina Chintya (26), an ASN from Malang based in West Sumatra, is practicing this principle. He studies IT with great enthusiasm and contributes to his field of work. Uniquely, he was born in the legal field and later crossed into the information technology field.

Participants of the Digital Talent Scholarship Professional Academy Android Program (DTS PROA Android) initiated by the Ministry of Communications and Information and Google want to acquire as much knowledge as possible in order to grow into a complete ASN character. He intends to provide the best contribution and service to society in the field of law through technological innovation. like what? Let’s read the story!

Learning technology best serves society

Aprina Chintya is an ASN working in a court office in West Sumatra. While fulfilling his duties as a civil servant, Aprily continued his postgraduate studies in law.

His career path is somewhat unique due Iran Mobile Number List to his educational background and legal work, but he has been interested in studying IT since a few years ago. He has learned the front end before, so he is quite familiar with the world of websites.

In April’s view, people who work in IT are inspiring figures because they need to be able to quickly adapt to the pace of technological development. This inspired Aprili’s curiosity to “crossover” into the world of technology.

“Why should an ASN legal person like me learn technology? Government agencies are racing to innovate in order to best serve the community. Like it or not, I have to start learning IT.”

It was Apri’s wish that brought him together

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with the DTS PROA Android. He thinks this study program is a very good opportunity for those who are already working and want to improve their abilities. Additionally, Apri wanted to create an easily accessible court office app for the public. Adhering to his own vision, April finally decided to participate in this training program.

An honest approach to learning
Apparently, this is not the first time Apri FIND List has learned about technology through an online learning platform. Previously, Aprili had studied elsewhere. However, when Apri became a DTS PROA participant, his learning experience was different from usual.

For Apri, the learning experience in DTS PROA through the Dicoding platform, especially the Android developer learning path, is very meaningful. That’s what drove him to take the matter seriously. In theory, he said, he could acquire knowledge about Android from virtually any online location. However, there is an interesting thing that DTS PROA has, but other online learning platforms do not.

“The DTS PROA approach to learning does require integrity from the participants, especially when we submit assignments. This is where our integrity is really tested. The reviewer is a seasoned professional who ensures that the work we do Purely our own. This program has taught me to study hard and in line with my life values of being honest.


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