Create a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps

In this article you will see how to make a webinar from scratch step by step. I will explain how to  in 14 easy steps with examples that will help. You increase your brand visibility on the Internet and attract more traffic to your business. A few weeks ago I published an article explaining what a webinar is and what it is for. This is how a webinar works, a basic but necessary introduction before launching into creating webinars.

Webinars or webinars Create a webinar

A great way to increase your influence online and create an audience loyal to your brand . They are company data also a great way to make money if you are an entrepreneur. Let’s see how to create a webinar and the  points to take into account. Post contents. How to make a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps Infographic with the steps to Conclusion on how to create a free webinar. How to make a webinar from scratch in 14 key steps Set a goal: What do you want to achieve. What will be the purpose of your webinar? Do a study: Identify your target audience and potential customers.

Use a professional tool

One that offers you a registration URL for the event. Choose a topic to discuss: Select a topic that interests you and that is attractive to your audience. Create a script: that explains the main points of your webinar. Create a webinar landing Find List page: to detail event information and follow-up. Prepare a strategic recruitment and promotion campaign: so that your webinar has the desired attendance. 

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