Find List C Level Executive List Landing page in Data Studio Google error

Landing page in Data Studio Google error

Imagine that you are making a beautiful and useful data panel for your business and that you want to check which landing pages (that is, where users come from) generate the most conversions. You add a table, because you want to first have an overview of the data and then better structure it in other graphs. With the Google Analytics data source already in your Data Studio project, you go to search for “Landing Page” and you find that there are two . Bah, an insignificant detail. You add one, you see that there is data and you think “this will be a little mistake that doesn’t happen, nah, these people at Google don’t miss serious things.”

An insignificant detail

That can lead to serious mistakes or headaches. You know why? Well, because, in reality. It is not the same field that has been cast twice but rather they company data are two different fields . But you don’t discover that until you encounter more serious problems. Duplication is not reflected in the custom field editor Imagine now that what you want is to classify landing pages by groups . Yes, I’ll tell you. Imagine you have a set of landing pages that contain the word “growth” and another set that contain the word “productivity,” both in the url. The rest of the pages are not relevant to you at this time. Are you getting it? So you decide to create a custom field that, through regular expressions, generates 3 groups of landing pages.

Do you know what

I have learned from all this? That we should not underestimate the word “expert.” Becoming an expert does not depend so much on. The theory you are able to Find List read or even understand. Expert comes from experience  and this is achieved with practice . TRUE? I, after spending a lot of time facing Luis M. Villanueva’s brilliant demands for his data panels, think I can say that “I can consider myself a miajika of an expert.” Hahaha. Well yes, I hope you found it interesting because, you know what? I feel very proud to have discovered this. And to be able to “troll” a little bit (of good vibes) at Google. hahaha. What do you think if we make them aware of this problem so they can solve it.

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