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By patenting that process however it gave competitors insight into the idea. Competitors with deeper pockets us the same concept with elaborat features that would go beyond the ones patent to outperform Epilady in the market and the company eventually lost out. In this case says Ahuja the company may have been better off giving up its product and instead profiting by licensing the idea to Gillette or another large company.

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Others from coming into their space but often patents are not effective against follow on inventions and sometimes patenting eases the task for other to design around them says Ahuja. Whenever you invent something you open up a trajectory and people are Mexico Phone Number List going to come after you. And if they have better assets to solve the problem they can come up with a better product. “ WHENEVER YOU INVENT SOMETHING YOU OPEN UP  COME AFTER YOU.” The other choice companies have is to keep an idea secret in order to protect the value of the idea and maximize generative appropriability.

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Its own pitfalls since it leaves companies little recourse in the event that someone else steals their idea. But there are things they can do to protect their idea while still keeping it secret says Ahuja—for example dispersing research activities across Russia Phone Number different geographic locations to keep competitors in a certain area from capitalizing on the R D infrastructure you set up. Ahuja also advises creating moderately siz research teams not too large that they become bureaucratic and unproductive but not too small that one person can take the idea out the door when they leave for another job.

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