To do so we compare the investment behavior of observably similar public and private firms using a new data source on private U.S. firms assuming for identification that closely held private firms are subject to fewer short termist pressures. Our results show that compar to private firms public firms invest substantially less and are less responsive to changes in investment opportunities especially in industries in which stock prices are most sensitive to earnings news.

These findings are consistent

With the notion that short termist pressures distort investment decisions. Publisher s link http papers.ssrn sol papers.cfm abstract id OCTOBER JOURNAL Prosocial Norms in the Classroom The Role of Self regulation in Following Norms of Giving By Blake P.R. M. Piovesan N. Montinari F. Werneken and F. Gino ABSTRACT—Children who are prosocial in elementary school tend to Denmark Phone Number List have higher academic achievement and experience greater acceptance by their peers in adolescence. Despite this positive influence on ucational outcomes it is still unclear why some children are more prosocial than others in school. Architectural capabilities are an important subset of dynamic capabilities that provide managers with the ability to see a complex technical system in an abstract way and change the system s structure by rearranging its components.

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The current study investigates

A possible link between following a prosocial norm and self regulation. We test children between and years of age in two variations of the Dictator Game DG . Children France Phone Number List were ask what they should or would give in the game and then play an actual DG. We show that most children hold a common norm for sharing resources but that some children fail to follow that norm in the actual game.

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