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Just like bullying and hazing ragging

It all depends on the lens through which you view the world as to whom you regard as a brilliant jerk or just a plain old jerk GANESH RAMAKRISHNAN HR OFSS The brilliant jerk is a common feature of the particular form of corporate organization that has evolv in the same environment where we now have narrow focus on quarterly profits mia focus charismatic leaders and extremely skew pay structures.

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As suggest in previous comments but the brilliant jerk is a special subset. It is incorrect to frame this problem as that of super high performers whose quirks ne to Latvia Email List tolerat by miocre others. Usually the brilliant jerk is an above average or very high performer who deploys his her superior capabilities in manipulative and adversary tactics design to put down others. Our minds are ill equipp to evaluate opportunity costs so we rarely quantify what is lost and what else could have en achiev if the time spent and lost by the organization due to such havior had en channeliz productively.

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Brilliant jerks merely driven by personality

Traits as mould by upbringing Are they a product of a corporate culture where excessive internal competition is encourag It could likely  a combination of these USA Telegram Number along with a clueless or helpless top leadership.  in ucational institutions and corporal punishment spanking at home and at school have recently en recogniz in the larger social sphere as undesirable and made illegal we ne more efforts like Prof. Sutton s and this forum to bring this topic out for open discussion and help we it out. Mere exhortation with espous corporate values which often differ from values in practice will not suffice.

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