Find List phone number list Spacetime Vaile Monte Santo

Spacetime Vaile Monte Santo

Aurea Business Center Via Ernestina Paper – Olbia OT Let s mov. Ie on to a brand new and decidedly elegant location near Olbia airport specialized in hosting corp. Korate meetings and training courses I m talking about Aurea Business Center Here you will find a conference room that you can organize according to your needs in auditorium mode.

With a maximum capacity of around

People seated on chairs with an integrated table for taking notes set up around two tables with a maximum capacity of approximately people Aurea Business Center also offers guest reception services and a buffet or coffee break both extra which you can en. Ijoy in the small outdoor garden. A practical car park is also ava. Iilable on site and after each Vietnam Phone Number List meeting. I the room is carefully cleaned and sanitized. What are you waiting for Find  button below Ask for information at Aurea Business Center More details on Aurea Business Center . World Service Piazza Quattro Novembre – Milan MI If you need a furnished office in Milan this location is for you.

Phone Number List

World Service is located a few steps

From Milan Central Station and is therefore easily accessible by public transport. Here you can find spaces with a capacity of up to people. Ideal for job interviews and meetings between a few people. You will be able to rent the rooms and offices for the time Thailand Email List you need for a day for half a day and even by the hour If you need it the location can provide you with a light lunch service and a coffee break . Ask World Service for information More details on World Service .  – Milan MI A business center in Milan in a very central position In fact to get from Spazio Pin you just need to exit at the Repubblica metro stop on the yellow line M . You will find it on the mezzanine floor of a condominium in the prices of Piazza della Repubblica.

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