The task of management would be simple if only easy people were involv. AHMAD JAMAL MANAGER TRADE FINANCE BANKING SECTOR Most of employees who are brilliant in performance will end up being brilliant jerks because they earn revenues and managers depend on them. Emphasis should have been on the reasons why brilliant employees turn into jerks. PRAVEEN HEAD.

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Cause long term damage if left uncontroll. While the KPIs and revenue is easy to see and an immiate gratification the long term effects on the organisation are more difficult to measure subjective to link the effect to the cause and hence often ignor. The sooner you fix them the Iceland Email List better option is to counsel mentor etc etc and a quick option if doesnt work is to get rid of them. PLANNINGA FROM NANNINGA In general I agree with Jack Welch that you have to get rid of the jerks. They destroy the culture and destroy the strategy. But before you toss them out here s a few things to consider . If these people will do anything to hit their numbers then perhaps you are giving them the wrong numbers to hit. If instead of sales you were to reward them on things like customer satisfaction or.

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Feedback or on living the culture perhaps

They would then support the culture and the strategy. . Sometimes good performers irritate the rest because the rest don t like being made to look bad. Perhaps Germany Telegram Number the rest of the people have gotten too lazy or too complacent or too stuck in the ways of the past. It s no wonder in that situation that someone who has extra energy and is trying new things gets shunn. So before you fire the jerk make sure he is upsetting things for the wrong reason rather than for the right reason. . There could be many reasons why the jerk is successful.

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