Find List phone number list As the author notes thorny problems

As the author notes thorny problems

Our overall slant measure is less more than zero when an article leans towards Democrat Republican viewpoints while bias is the absolute value of the slant. Using a matched sample of pairs of articles from Britannica and Wikipedia we show that overall Wikipedia articles are more slanted towards Democrat than Britannica articles as well as more biased.

Slanted Wikipedia articles tend to become

Less biased than Britannica articles on the same topic as they become substantially revised and the bias on a per word basis hardly differs between the sources. These results have implications for the segregation of readers in online sources and the Dominican Republic Phone Number List allocation of editorial resources in online sources using collective intelligence.Crony Capitalism American Style What Are We Talking About Here by Malcolm S. Salter In essence crony capitalism conveys a shared point of view sometimes stretching to collusion among industries their regulators and Congress. The paper next describes the costs of cronyism and concludes with innovative ideas for curbing the excesses of crony capitalism.  remain for example the fact that the public interest in matters involving subsidies tax preferences and legislative loopholes is often difficult to discern and agree on.

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The result is business friendly policies

Investments that serve private interests at the expense of the public interest. In this research paper the author s goal is to add precision and nuance to UK Whatsapp Number our understanding of this form of corruption. He does so first by exploring definitions of crony capitalism. He then outlines the toolkit of crony capitalism including campaign contributions to elected officials heavy lobbying of Congress and rule writing agencies and a revolving door between government service and the private sector.

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