Find List phone number list Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship 2022

Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship 2022

The 2022 Graduate School Digital Talent Scholarship Program (DTS FGA) is a capacity-enhancing training program in the field of ICT provided by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information to prepare Indonesian university graduates who are not or currently not working so that they can In the current industrial revolution, professional competence can not only compete locally, but also globally.

IT support is the specialized field of problem solving and user service, including setting up computers for employees of certain companies, schools, or institutions, monitoring computer systems, and debugging problems when they arise. If you have this specialized skill set, there are many suitable jobs, namely Help Desk Technician, Systems Analyst, Support Specialist, Database Administrator, IT Technician, User Computer Specialist, and more.

In this training, trainees will get 5 professional courses:

Technical Support Basics
The Ins and Outs of Computer Networks
The OS and You: Become a Power User
Systems Management and IT Infrastructure Services
IT Security: Protecting Against Digital Crime.
Participant Requirements: Iran Mobile Number List tiyas’ prowess in the IT field is evident when he is assigned to complete various case studies. The teacher sees that Thias is always the first to perform his duties. Tias’s potential made him trusted by the school and participated in various programming competitions. Tiyas participation in these competitions started to strengthen Tiyas’ love for IT.

Slowly, Thias began to achieve various achievements. He had the opportunity to participate in the IT-Venture technology competition organized by Sebelas Maret University. IT-Venture is part of UNS’s P!NGFEST event, a competition that brings together students from high schools and vocational schools in Java, Bali. Tías has participated in this competition twice, always occupying the top ten positions.

Indonesian citizenMaximum age at registration

Phone Number List
D3/D4/S1 graduates or final year students in all majors, as evidenced by Diploma/SKL/Transcript/Course Certificate.
Not currently working (attached a statement, accessible at
have english ability
Pass administrative selection and substance testing online
Able to provide training facilities of certain specifications upon request
*Open to participants with disabilities. FIND List Potentially disabled participants can register for training by independently providing training support facilities and infrastructure.

Infrastructure requirements:

Participants must have Internet access from a computer using Windows/Mac/Linux
Participants must have a laptop or computer that meets the minimum specifications:
Processor: Intel Core i3 (Core i5 and above recommended) 64-bit
Memory: 2GB (4GB recommended)
The Digital Talent Scholarship Program is a free free training scholarship

Full Information and Registration Link.

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