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Example a person who by neuro analysis

The study is a distant cousin to those that have locat the side of the brain associat with creativity and the portion of the brain that is stimulat for example by gambling or music. Assuming there will be more research efforts combining the results of brain scans with behavioral exercises and findings are proven to be more valid than say those associat with phrenology it raises some interesting questions about the future.

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Hiring talent may in the future require a brain scan just as some require psychological testing today Is hiring on the basis of brain structure much different than hiring for example on the basis of height or other characteristics requir to perform certain jobs Or does it raise too many ethical questions For example who will own the data How will it be us Bulgaria Phone Number List How would we apply the results Are we entering the next stage in an age of neuromanagement What will it look like What do you think To Read More Sharon Gilaie Dotan Agnieszka Tymula Nicole Cooper Joseph W. Kable Paul W. Glimcher and Ifat LevNeuroanatomy Pricts Individual Risk Attitudes.

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The Journal of Neuroscience September

Jason Zweig So You Think That You re a Risk Taker The Wall Street Journal October p. B and B . COMMENTS JOHNNY DIRECTOR NIGERIAN CIVIL SERVICE Neuromanagement will be bas on electronic testingof chemical changes withs regards to introduc stimuli however it will not detect will power . It is our will that determines how disciplin Japan Whatsapp Number a person is and it is this will that relealy determines our choice in life. is said to be a risk taker or even a gambler may by will discipline surpress such intuition. STEVE FLICK OWNER Q C QUALITY CONSULTING LLC To those who would like to see brain scans implement in the hiring process I caution you to be careful what you wish for.

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