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It s very simple all you ne is to

The invitations to the party First of all I advise you to make a list of all the people you would like to celebrate with pay attention to the number of guests bas on the budget you have establish. Social networks and apps are the cheapest easiest and fastest way to contact people. In fact many prefer to create an event on Facebook or a Whatsapp group because they allow you to quickly select all the participants and instantly communicate any type of news.

Unfortunately however not everyone

A lover of technology so make sure you have telephone numbers or email addresses available . You can call them a phone call is always a pleasure or you can send an email preferably with a read confirmation so you are sure that it has been receiv. There is no ne to remember not to forget to Belize Email List indicate the date time and place chosen for the celebrations whether it is your home or a location. You can write the invitation by hand but not only that there are several sites such as Canva and Vistaprint that allow you to create a personaliz graduation invitation choosing between different layouts and colors. Are your friends and acquaintances too busy and it s difficult to find a day that suits everyone.

Country Email List

Then I recommend another tool that is very

Simple to use it s call Doodle a free Google app that allows you to greatly simplify the process of choosing a day and a time slot that suits all participants. have the email Saudi Arabia Phone Number address of the person you want to invite. Enter Doodle enter the name and description of the event enter the days and time slots you prefer add the email addresses of the people you want to invite and that s it. Your guests will receive an email with the days and times indicat by you.

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