It consists of creating relevant content aimed at the interest

Of your ideal client, that is, your persona. Which can range from texts for the blog, to e-books and even podcasts. The big thing is that you talk about your brand, product or service, but. Without doing so directly, demonstrating your company’s authority on the subject, in addition to helping that customer solve their “pain”. 3- optimize your website investing in seo is essential for more people to find your brand in the vastness that is the internet. After all, data from google itself state that approximately 75% of users who do a search do not go beyond the first search page. Therefore, it is necessary to use strategies that help rank your content and place it among. The best results, so that it can be found by potential customers.

Have a blog in addition to positioning your

Brand on google, a blog helps your persona solve. Their pains and problems, advancing to the next stage of the sales funnel. 5- invest in the social networks where your persona. Is present social networks have already dominated the lives of people New Zealand Phone Numbers List around the world. So, not being there is practically “shooting yourself in the foot”. Just remember to do an analysis and find out which channels your persona is present in, so you. Don’t create content without purpose. 6- use email marketing anyone who thinks email marketing is dead is wasting time and money.

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A survey carried out by statista an international

Company that presents market data, revealed that. The number of people who have email accounts worldwide has reached the 3.9 billion mark. And, according to projections, by 2024, that number will have increased to 4.48 billion. Email is Find List still strong and present in many people’s lives and, when. Used correctly, is an excellent digital marketing strategy. 7- humanize your profile don’t be that brand that bombards your customers. With advertisements at all times. The sale must be seen as a consequence of the good relationship you have with the visitor or. Customer, showing that he can count on your brand to solve problems.

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