Find List C Level Executive List What is source and medium in Google Analytics

What is source and medium in Google Analytics

The source in Google Analytis refers to where a visit comes from . If it comes from Google, Bing, so-and-so’s blog, Facebook, Active Campaign or Acumbamail, etc. What is source It indicates a very direct relationship where the visit comes from. Sometimes, the visit does not come “from anywhere” because it originates in our browser. Because the user writes the address directly in the browser, because they click on a shortcut, etc. In this case, the source is considered “Direct Traffic”. Do you get it? Think about “ where is the visit coming from?” ” What does Medium mean in Google Analytics? While the source is where it comes from, the medium responds to a more general classification. The how .

If we look at it from

A hierarchical point of view, the Medium responds to the category that encompasses the source. There are a series of general or more common means: Organic executive email list traffic. Paid Traffic. Reference (links from other websites) Email (links from an email marketing tool or from Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Social. Links from social networks. None. Well, direct traffic. Hahaha. Do these media sound familiar to you? What is a channel in Google Analytics? A channel is an association of several sources with the same medium . For example, “organic traffic” is a channel that brings together the sources Google, Bing and Yahoo (hahaha) and all of them with the organic medium. Do you take it? The paid traffic channel could link Facebook and Google sources when the media is paid.

What is source important to

Understand the difference between Source and Medium in Google Analytics? No matter how trivial this difference may seem to you, it is important. Well, you can enter the Analytics reports, in a standard Find List installation, and review the information (and even understand it) without needing to know this difference. The problem comes when your project grows or you get serious about measuring . When you start doing campaigns here, campaigns there. When you want to know which channels bring you the most traffic or are most profitable. And, above all, when there are several teams taking actions and labeling traffic, each following a non-unified criterion… How to Avoid the Clutter in Google Analytics Traffic Tagging Exact! This is where I wanted to go. 

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