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Avoid small formats taking notes while

Badges and badge holders badge iconWhether your event is aim at a large group of people who don t know each other or just your colleagues rememr that the badge is always the first and most practical tool for recognizing participants with the printing of the name and a photo but also an effective pretext to facilitate relations tween those present and with the speaker.

Choose a laminate one so that at

The end of the event it comes a memorable gadget a sort of souvenir to keep so you can say one day I was there . For this reason the badge holder must  practical resistant and clearly visible a classic transparent bag will  enough to make the identity of the participants legible Spain Email Lists while there are various possibilities for customizing the metal clip and above all the ribbon to wear around the neck. If we want to print a logo or writing with the references of the event we make an intelligent choice a simple and non invasive font playing with color combinations so those honor will  encourag to reuse it on other occasions promoting our.

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However let s pay attention to some details

The paper First of all the colour white remains a winning classic cause it does not tire the eyes and does not create unnecessary distractions.  a speaker is speaking Qatar Phone Number requires concentration and spe while blocks that are too small are unwieldy and above all frustrate the writer s memorization effort. Some studies show that clearly written information in adequate space improves learning by and understanding by . Choose a classic A and you ll  on the safe side The binding Spiral blocks i.e. bound with metal rings are more durable practical and – why not – more elegant than those with sheets join by glue.

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