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As he reviewed the after action reports George Topic the Vice Dir. Iector of the Center for Joint and Strategic Logistics at the National Defense University wondered how the per. Iformance of disaster relief efforts should really be measured. How should the efficienc. Iy of the response be characterized He wondered if they could overcome some of the hurdles to applying con. Icepts from commercial supply chains.

The case explores some of the lessons learned

From the Haiti disaster and offers an opportunity to test well known supply chain concepts. Purchase this case A Challenge to the New Congress Pass Housing Finance Reform by Nicolas Retsinas and Rob Couch It is time for Congress to recommit itself to drafting legislation that will transform housing finance for the twenty first century write Nicolas P. Retsinas and Rob Couch. Nicolas P. Retsinas is Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Harvard Business Lebanon Phone Number List School and former Federal Housing Commissioner. Rob Couch is Counsel Bradley Arant Boult Cummings and former President of GNMA. Over six years ago when the federal government placed Fannie Mae.

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Freddie Mac into conservatorship experts

From public private and academic worlds concurred housing finance in the United States was mortally flawed. The private sector reaped the gains while the public sector absorbed the risk. In the aftermath of the Great Recession we needed to design a newer Russia Telegram Number model one that would not contribute to a plunge in the nation s economy. But like Alice s  there we had first to decide where we wanted to go—in short to set the goal of reform. The Bipartisan Housing Commission a diverse group of public policy practitioners from the left and the right set out to do just that. For the last two and a half years we co chaired the Commission s Mortgage Finance Reform Working Group.

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