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On the other hand. BIM puts more emphasis on product data BIM is a  digital construction. Process in which information about each building element. BIM object is collect in a common data environment. The data is made available to everyone involve. In the project and is available at all stages of the construction process . How does BIM lead to the ne to introduce new processes in manufacturing companies. Well, with this new workflow comes an increasing reliance. On product data to provide transparency and understanding. For modern architects, engineers and interior designers.

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A product is as attractive as the availability of data about it. Why? Because they ne to know how photo editing servies your products fit into the customer’s requirements. Keeps van Benchtop, international. BIM coordinator at Rival, comments. We have notice that customers like our BIM files because they are easy. To use and have many options built into the design. Additional benefit Data helps you better understand your market. The availability of data on who downloads objects allows manufacturers to better understand. The market, identify the source of demand for their products, find out what users. Preferences are, thereby better adapting products and maximizing sales.

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Roca, a leading manufacturer of sanitary ceramics Find List Knowle of its recipients is crucial. Cristina Bosch, Head of Digital Communications at Roca, explains “Creating BIM objects and entering BIMobject allows us. To stay close to professionals and adapt to their nest. In , we saw a increase in. The number of leads coming from the BIMobject platform. Having a single source of information about BIM content is crucial for us.” Manufacturers develop BIM objects and publish them to reach the right target group. Those who choose to publish them on the global. BIMobject platform can also Publish files to designers from all over.

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