Find List Country Email List The portal that deals with these procures

The portal that deals with these procures

Alas I ve en there too. But don t worry in the name of all of us. I delegates to the music organisation I have decid to write this short and simple guide that will help. I you apply for an SIAE permit online in just a few minutes. As you well know SIAE is an acronym that stands for Società Italiana Autori  itori and is the most. I important company for the protection and management of intellectual property or copyright in Italy . It is precisely to protect these rights that if you are organizing an event in any public place you ne the so call Shows and Entertainment Permit.

Starting from the assumption that

The event you are organizing will not take place at your home in this case you do not ne the SIAE permit there are two ways to request permits «The old way» as it was Rwanda Email List always done until July . «In the new way» aka SIAE online as we start doing on July . Let me explain I ll explain. fore the advent of digital at SIAE not in the s but precisely on July a pinch of delay the organizer was requir to present himself at the SIAE headquarters closest to the event location where would have obtain licenses and permits. To  clear if you are from Milan but your event is in Palermo you have to cross the Miterranean to request a permit Of course there is the possibility of delegating someone.

Country Email List

Else but in the age of the internet

This bureaucratic merry go round seems absurd Today finally with SIAE online it is possible to request permits directly online . T is call Private Party Permits . But what is German Phone Number meant by Private Parties I quote directly from the source This refers to parties of a private nature wdings baptisms confirmations birthdays graduation parties and similar celebrations in places other than one s home offer by private individuals and reserv for guests only. Online SIAE registration fore you can access the portal you must register.

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