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Resolution in Making Designs

Table Of Contents Resolution in Making Designs PPI DPI Difference between PPI and DPI Design Resolution Standards Resolution in Making Designs – Image/design resolution is important to understand for friends who are just learning about design, because later it will affect the results of the image/design when it is printed or posted on social media. This pixel is If the image contains a few pixels then the image will have little detail or in other words the image will be blurry. If the image has many pixels, the image can get more detail, so it can produce a better and clearer image. DPI DPI stands for Dots per Inch, which is the number of dots/printing dots found in every inch of the image or can be interpreted as the number of ink dots emitted by the printer per every inch.

Difference between PPI and DPI

PPI (Pixels per Inch) functions as input or is used when friends do designs on a computer, you could say that when the image is still in digital format, PPI affects the quality or appearance of the image on the computer, while DPI (Dots per Inch) is used as output by In other words, DPI is used and needed when carrying out the printing process. There are general parts of resolution, namely DPI and PPI, below we will briefly explain the meaning, differences and standard sizes of resolution in designing. Image Resolution PPI PPI stands for Pixels per Inch, which is the number of pixels in each inch of an image. If the image is not printed, the image/design only contains the PPI.

Design Resolution Standards

There are resolution standards that are commonly used during the design process and the following is a list – If used for web/social media posts, the standard size is 72 PPI. – For indoor and outdoor printing with large media sizes (such as meter printing), such as banners and billboards, you can use a resolution of 150 PPI – For printing small media, such as: brochures, business cards, posters, pre-wedding photos, you can use a resolution of 300 PPI. That’s the explanation for this article. If you need Graphic Design Services in Bali who are ready to create your company’s design and signature needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Nawadwipa.

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