By decoupling the act of separating activities that people are us to co consuming new digital businesses are disrupting retailing telecom and other industries. Decoupling allows consumers to benefit from the value creat at a lower cost or effort compar to what is deliver by traditional businesses. For those companies the only solutions are to either recouple activities or rebalance to create and capture value i.e. revenues from both activities separately.

Here digital technologies can be seen

As an instrument that will both disrupt traditional business models and potentially preserve them. Paper Information Corrupting Silence Companies Must Speak Up Against Bribes by Michael Blanding Does corruption really pay Paul Healy finds that corruption may Cyprus Email List not be as lucrative—or as unavoidable—as it may seem. In a Harvard Business School case on corruption at German conglomerate Siemens AG Peter Solmssen —brought in to clean house —reflects on how people approach a business bribe. The stupid ones say very simply what are you going to do for me says Solmssen managing board member and general counsel. Sometimes they ll be a little more subtle and say My wife s going to be in Hong Kong next week and she s going shopping.

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Either you say That s nice and you pass

On or you say What store is she going to and can I give you an account number In Siemens rock the business world with revelations it had been paying bribes for contracts Hong Kong Whatsapp Number on a massive scale—eventually admitting to payouts in percent of its markets totaling million to million a year. Shopping trips to  For bigger ticket items Solmssen says in the case you get a call from a consultant who knows all about your impending bid and offers to help. The clear message is you are not going to win unless you use me. “THE THING THAT STRUCK ME IS HOW LITTLE INFORMATION THERE IS ON CORRUPTION BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT” When he heard about the Siemens troubles HBS s Paul.

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