Find List Country Email List Collis points to Procter Gamble a multinational

Collis points to Procter Gamble a multinational

According to Collis every strategic choice that multinationals face falls into one of the following four buckets What product do we offer There s always a choice and a tradeoff here in terms of how similar a product will  around the world and what sort of product range a company will offer Collis says. Will a company allow for local variation and differences in taste and what will its differences  if any when it comes to how it brands and positions the product.

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Countries have different preferences for the texture and taste of tomato soup. In addition a company may decide to offer a product completely outside its known product line In Japan Coca Cola s portfolio of products includes Georgia a hot coffee drink sold from a Mexico Email List vending machine. Where do we compete What should a company s global footprint look like How should it allocate resources across countries Collis asks. In the eternal battle tween Coke and Pepsi should Pepsi allocate its resources to ing a first mover in a less develop market or battle for consumers in a bigger more establish market Where do you locate your activities People rush into China and now wage rates are going through the roof Collis says.

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Building a manufacturing plant is a long

Term investment requiring more consideration than setting up shop in the current low cost location. How to organize What are the structures systems and Germany Email List processes that ne to  in place to manage a company s international strategy Should authority  delegat to many organizational units or centraliz in one that start out with a generic international department then set up country bases fore trying to layer in global business units that plac the country managers in subordinate roles.

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