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Types of Logos

Table Of Contents Types of Logos Lettermark Logo Wordmark Logo Pictorial Marks Allusive Logo Associative Logo Abstract Logo Mascot Logo Logo Emblems Combination Logo Types of Logos – Hi guys, in this post, we will discuss types of logos and continue the discussion from the previous post regarding What is a Logotype, Logomark and Logogram? . A logo is one of the main things in branding, so by getting complete information about the types of logos you can produce a good and appropriate logo for the company/client. Lettermark Logo Lettermark logos are still included in logotypes, because their creation still focuses on text processing. This lettermark uses initials to represent the company/brand. When using initials you can use 1 letter or more than 1 letter, and if you use more than 1 letter it can be called a Monogram. This lettermark itself is suitable for company/brand names that are quite long, so by using a Lettermark Logo, it can be more concise.

Wordmark Logo

This logo wordmark is also still included in the logotype. It is made using the business name of the company/brand. Wordmark Logo is suitable for short business names that have a small number of letters in them. The following is an example of a Wordmark Logo: Wordmark Logo Pictorial Marks Pictorial Marks is a type of logo processing using images using the company name, without including text and can be included in the Logomark category. Making it may be a little more complicated because of how to create a logo image that is identical and can be immediately recognized even without the name text of the company/brand. Here’s an example from Pictorial Marks: Pictorial Marks Allusive Logo Allusive Logo is a form of logo image that has no direct relationship to the name of the company/brand or the product being sold, or you could say a logo that is in the form of a decoration. The following is an example of an Allusive Logo: Allusive Logo

Associative Logo

Associative Logo is a logo that must have a special association with the product name and area of ​​activity directly. For example, one example of the logo from Shell, where the logo depicts a shell which is an association of oil-producing fossils. Associative Logo Abstract Logo Abstract Logo or Abstract Logo still has the same meaning as Logomark. Has a more complicated and complex shape when compared to Pictorial Marks. Logos can be made from several combinations of geometric shapes or other image forms. Even though it is abstract, the logo created must still have the essence or vision and mission of a company/brand. The following is an example of an Abstract Logo: Abstract Logo Mascot Logo Mascot Logo is a logo that uses a character shape as its branding. The characters used are mostly cartoons depicting human forms, animals, plants, etc. The following is an example of a Mascot Logo: Mascot Logo Logo Emblems Usually emblem is a term that is widely used in the world of convection. However, emblems are actually also included in the form of logos.

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