Find List Telegram Data Understanding Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging

Understanding Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging

Table Of Contents Understanding Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Tertiary Packaging Understanding Packaging Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging Tertiary Packaging Conclusion Understanding Primary Packaging, Secondary Packaging, Tertiary Packaging – Did you knew that in the world of graphic design, packaging is divide into 3 categories, namely, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, each of the three packaging categories has its own function, before we discuss it, it would be good if if you know first what the word packaging means.

Understanding Packaging

Packaging is a creative design that links several elements, namely: shape, structure, materials, color, image, typography along with other design elements that contain Taiwan Telegram Number Data information about a product so that the product can be markete. The function of packaging is to wrap, protect, send, release, store, identify and differentiate a product on the market (Klimchuk and Krasovec, 2006:33). After knowing the meaning of packaging, it’s time for us to move on to explaining the 3 (three) categories of packaging. Primary Packaging Primary packaging is packaging that is in direct contact with a packaged product.

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Secondary Packaging

Base on the name, secondary packaging has the meaning of second packaging, packaging that is larger than the primary packaging which contains the wholesale quantity France Telegram Number List of the product, secondary packaging does not have direct contact with the product, this packaging is also usually calle by another term, namely support packaging. Tertiary Packaging Meanwhile, tertiary packaging is packaging that is used to package and protect secondary packaging when shipping products over long distances. Examples of tertiary packaging are wooden pallets, cardboard, Styrofoam boxes, etc. Conclusion That’s the explanation regarding packaging categories and their functions, if you need Graphic Design Services in Bali, please contact us at Nawadwipa.

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