Find List Special Database Vanity Metrics: How Much Weight

Vanity Metrics: How Much Weight

 Vanity metrics: how much weight do you give to web numbers? Business. Marketing what are vanity metrics and why do we give them so much importance? Let’s start with the first question: what is meant by the term vanity metrics . I don’t know if you know this expression. But if you have a website. A blog or social pages. You will understand quickly! Vanity metrics are nothing more than the views . Sessions . Site visits. Likes . Comments. Shares . Retweets. Or re-pins. That you hope to get when you share an article. Photo or video on digital channels. They are metrics and as such they measure the degree of interest of our users and the most appreciate contents! 

But then retweets, shares, visits are useless

After a lot of work – because producing good online content is really work! – getting many likes or many shares tells us that perhaps we are taking the right path and – why not? – it also improves new data our self-esteem! In fact. However. The term vanity metrics. Use by many marketers. Makes it clear that certain metrics are perhaps not that important after all. Maybe in fact they are overrate. Precisely because they increase our ego! Yet the numbers are important and deserve attention! When I post a photo on instagram or facebook. I do it to receive likes. Shares. Comments! And even when I write on the blog or share a new post on the site. 

Start by setting clear goals to achieve

I don’t do it for myself. But to be read by someone or to sell a product if I have an e-commerce! So why should all these metrics be of little relevance? In business terms. How much weight do vanity metrics Find List have? Here we have arrive at the sore point. The question we must ask ourselves. In a business context. What value do these metrics have? If I sell products and/or services. The aim of my marketing activity is obviously to sell. Increase contacts and transform them into new customers ! What is the point. However. Of having many followers. Shares. Likes. If in the end. After all. I can’t monetize? A successful social profile is not necessarily the one with 1 million likes or 50 retweets a day! 

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