Find List phone number list What is the Metaverse? what can it do

What is the Metaverse? what can it do

Facebook, one of the largest and most famous social media platforms in the world. Has changed its name to Meta Platform Inc. On October 29, 2021, they also proposed . A new idea that can be said to be quite futuristic, that is, the metaverse (Metaverse). What is the Metaverse? Simply put, the Metaverse is the virtual world created by Mark Zuckerberg.

In this post, we’ll discuss everything related to the Metaverse, from what it explains, what it can do, how it works, and whether it has a positive or negative impact on its users. So read this article carefully so as not to leave any message behind.

Each user also has an avatar that can be modified as needed. This avatar is used to present yourself in the Metaverse world. This will allow other users to see you with the avatar you created. This avatar can move freely, allowing users to walk in the world of the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse

As mentioned earlier, Metaverse is a 3D virtual world created using augmented reality, virtual reality and video technology, where users can experience life in the virtual world. The purpose of creating Metaverse is to be a modern Qatar Mobile Number List communication platform that makes it easier for everyone to carry out virtual everyday activities such as work, entertainment, socializing and even concerts.

In fact, the Metaverse was created by Neal Stephenson in the 1992 science fiction novel Avalanche. According to Stephenson, the Metaverse is a virtual-based digital space that combines multiple technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Now, 30 years after Avalanche was published, the world has seen science fiction technology come to life. Metaverse can now be accessed using virtual reality glasses such as Oculus or Playstation VR, smartphones, computers, and game consoles.

Activities that can be done in the Metaverse

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You may be wondering, what activities are possible in the worlds of the Metaverse? In fact, you can perform various activities in the metaverse, such as communicating with other users, working, playing, and even watching concerts. All of these activities can be done online, so you can do them anytime, anywhere.

The first major event in the Metaverse is a FIND List Justin Bieber concert on November 18. The concert takes place in real time using motion capture, so Justin himself is animating his avatar in the metaverse. Concert-goers can also watch in real-time, so they can experience the same experience as watching a live concert. In addition, the audience can respond in the form of emoticons while watching the concert. Interesting, right?

How the virtual universe works
Broadly speaking, Metaverse uses virtual reality (VR) technology, which exists to indicate that the virtual world is always active, even when the user is not using it. In addition, it uses Augmented Reality (AR) features to combine the virtual world with the real world.

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