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The extent to which the illegal market continues to flo. Kurish says Quelch depends on how much states charge in taxes and how much additional recreational demand cont. Iinues to drive up retail prices—both of which remain to be seen. As for Big Marijuana creating a national mass market bra. Ind of pot that is probably a long way off. to be publish comments must be on topic and civil in tone with no nam. Ie calling or personal attacks. Your comment may be it for clarity and length.

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Illegal on a feral level and in all but a handful of states large cigarette an. Id alcohol companies will probably stay clear of the risk—at least until a critical mass of states Colombia Email Address legalize. Says Quelch I believe guys like Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds are looking carefully at this but they are not going to make a move until the recreational market is more establish and looks likely to go national. It is likely however that some entrepreneurial marijuana companies may expand to multiple states in an effort to achieve early market share and economies of scale that would position them to be bought out later by national players.

Country Email List

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Inexpensive to transport across state lines to retail outlets across the country. I think you ll definitely see a couple of companies get licenses in more than one state Brazil Whatsapp Number says Quelch.  have the most to gain from getting in on the market early—before the potential tidal wave of legalization sweeps the country. When and if this happens it may not be long before you see Grape Stomper behind the counter at a convenience store near you. Somewhere the ghost of Bob Marley is smiling. POST A COMMENT In order.

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