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 Is traffic a positioning factor? Everything. indicates yes. From the patents Your Product that Google periodically registers to the most logical logic, like this one . What other signal more powerful than quality traffic would be able. To tell Google that a website is relevant to users. I explain. For example. Google considers that if a user enters a website and leaves quickly, the search intention has not been completely satisfied and, therefore. That website does not have relevant content and does not deserve to rise in positions. As long as you go back to the SERP and choose another result. Because if you log out of Google it will interpret that result as satisfying the search.

Traffic types I am going to Your Product explain to you in a simple way

If the user did the latter in a very short category email list time (for example, 10 seconds) they will be doing what is called Pogo Sticking . In the image, the first two results have not satisfied the search intention, but the third has. This, if repeated many times, will help the third result end up ranking first. Careful! It is not the only factor for that to happen. Traffic types I am going to explain to you in a simple way the existing types of traffic. Organic Traffic For example, if we ask our friends to go to Google and search for our website. If they click on our result, scroll, browse our website and spend a few minutes on it, Google will consider that the website is good.

CTR If this happens a certain number of times

This is the type of induced traffic that Find List has the greatest weight on positioning, since it directly affects CTR. CTR (Click Through Rate) is the number of clicks a link receives compared to the number of times it is displayed. NOTE: Clicks/Impressions = CTR If this happens a certain number of times, Google enhances that result by seeing that its audience chooses it many more times than other results it presents above. On the other hand, what I mentioned above happens. If the user enters and exits quickly to search for another result, Google believes that this website does not deserve to climb positions.

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