Find List Country Email List We study the impact of emissions tax

We study the impact of emissions tax

Have we gotten the most value out of the experiment Conducting the experiment is just the ginning. Use the data to assess which components of a new initiative might have the highest ROI or the markets where it is most likely to  successful. Publisher s link the discipline of business experimentation WORKING PAPERS The Real Effects of Capital Controls Financial Constraints Exporters and Firm Investment pdf By Alfaro Laura Anusha Chari and Fabio Kanczuk ABSTRACT.

In the aftermath of the global financial

Crisis of emerging market governments have increasingly restrict foreign capital inflows. The data show a statistically significant drop in cumulative abnormal returns for Brazilian firms following capital control announcements. Large firms and the Norway Email List largest exporting firms appear less negatively affect compar to external finance dependent firms and capital controls on equity have a more negative announcement effect than those on debt. Real investment falls following the controls. Overall the results suggest that capital controls segment international financial markets increase the cost of capital ruce the availability of external finance and lower firm level investment.

Country Email List

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Publication Files pdf Technology Choice and Capacity Portfolios Under Emissions Regulation By Drake David Paul R. Kleindorfer and Luk N. Van Wassenhove Singapore Email List ABSTRACT—and emissions cap and trade regulation on a firm s technology choice and capacity decisions. We show that emissions price uncertainty under cap and trade results in greater expect profit than a constant emissions price under an emissions tax which contradicts popular arguments that the greater uncertainty under cap and trade will erode value.

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