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We propose that team reflexivity ruces the occurrence of in. Iformation processing failures by ensuring that teams discuss and assess the implications of team information for team goals processes and outcomes. In this article we present a model of team. I information processing failures and . Iremies involving team reflexivity and we discuss the conditions under which team reflexivity is. I and is not likely to facilitate performance.

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BUSINESS REVIEW The Discipline of Business Experimentation By Thomke Stefan and Jim Manzi ABSTRACT—The data you already have can t tell you how customers will react to innovations. To discover if a truly novel concept will succe you must subject it to a rigorous experiment. In most companies tests do not adhere to scientific and statistical principles. As a result managers North Korea Email List often end up interpreting statistical noise as causation and making bad decisions. To conduct experiments that are worth the expense and effort companies ne to ask themselves several questions Does the experiment have a clear purpose.  drivers underlie this result i the firm s option not to operate which effectively right censors the uncertain emissions price and ii dispatch flexibility which is the firm s ability to first deploy its most profitable capacity given the realiz emissions price.

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Managers must figure out exactly

What they want to learn in order to determine if testing is the st approach. Have stakeholders made a commitment to abide by the results Are they willing to walk away from a project if the findings suggest they should Is the experiment doable The complexity of the Poland Email List variables in a business experiment and their interactions can make it difficult to determine cause and effect relationships. Choosing the right sample size is important. How can we ensure reliable results Randomiz field trials blind tests and big data can help.

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