Find List phone number list As a result recent grad Dicky landed a job at a start-up company

As a result recent grad Dicky landed a job at a start-up company

Got my first job as a support engineer. While working remotely, he travels 40 kilometers from home on his motorcycle in search of a stable internet connection. Challenging situations every day re-energized him to perform at his best. He spent two months at Pointstar, a multi-regional tech startup, a job that allowed him to make a living for himself and his family. Slowly but surely, his parents understood Dicky’s passion for the IT field and supported him along the way.

Over time, while working at his first company, Dicky got information about opportunities to become a Bangkit contributor. He heard about Bangkit, a digital talent development program for all Indonesian students. He suddenly had a kind of attachment.
Although the procedures and instructions provided by Bangkit are standardized and highly structured, Reza is happy to have freedom of expression and to contribute during the learning process. Reza got what he didn’t get in college, namely soft skills and networking.

hard work paid off

Reza’s efforts have brought order to his life.

He is better able to manage his time and most importantly, he is more motivated to continue to develop himself. Reza persisted in gaining knowledge at Bangkit, eventually graduating as a Certified Associate Cloud Engineer. When he participated Gansu Mobile Number List in the Rise Career Fair program, Google’s global certification brought him better job opportunities. This job fair offers Bangkit graduates vacancies in Bangkit partner companies.

Armed with her resume and certifications, Reza applied to several partner companies at the Bangkit job fair. One of the job opportunities he targeted was JTI Top Gun, an internship program with an IBM subsidiary. But apparently Reza got more than that.

Employers are not looking for job openings, they are looking for Reza. IBM JTI contacted Reza to apply immediately for an internal staff position (i.e. a full-time position) rather than the internship position Reza had previously targeted. Reza welcomed the offer and eventually, Reza was accepted as an application developer at IBM JTI in Central Jakarta. Therefore, you can do this in a structured and timely manner.

learn to control emotions

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In the end, you must be able to control and master your emotions. The process is not easy, but it must be done. Coworkers or individuals you work with will feel uncomfortable and afraid to interact with you if you cannot control your emotions.
The next difference is that you can practice these hard skills to get better, whereas soft skills cannot.

So, what are hard skills?
That’s where we talk about hard skills. Hard FIND List skills can be interpreted as the competencies that each individual must possess in order to support an ongoing activity or job. You can learn a variety of hard skills such as programming, design, writing, data analysis and foreign languages.

There are many ways to develop hard skills, one of which is formal education, such as school or college. This ability can also be trained in other ways, such as receiving special training, regular and continuous practice, and receiving constructive criticism and advice. , he had to learn Android development in order to create his own work and find a stable job. Allen realized that, as an information systems graduate, he did not know enough to pursue a career in technology. In the end, he decided to join numerous IT communities that introduced him to the Dicoding platform.

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