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However the choice of times to broadcast

This corresponds to break times during office hours where users take a moment to check their news fe. However the st time to post on Facebook both in terms of reach but also engagement of your community is Sunday at p.m. In fact it is the weekend that we observe the highest engagement rate on Facebook. More generally the st days to publish on social network numr are Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Conversely Tuesday is the least

A favorable day When to post on Instagram Unlike Facebook users the st times to post on Instagram are during lunch from a.m. to p.m. and in the evening Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List from p.m. to p.m. This difference is certainly explain by the fact that the social network is optimiz for use on mobile. Users are therefore generally not logg into Instagram during office hours. The st days to post on this platform are Monday Wnesday and Thursday. Wnesday is when the level of engagement seems to  the highest. However the ideal time to communicate maximize your reach and engagement on an Instagram account is Saturday.

Country Email List

Its part Sunday appears to  the least

Favorable day of the week for Instagram publications. your content on social networks and effectively reach your communities varies depending on each social network and the habits of its users. Test your content by publishing it at different times… To determine the ideal Brazil Telegram Number time to post on a social network the st solution is to carry out tests. To do this simply post the same publication at different times and days and observe the results in terms of reach but also engagement. Audience analysis tools like Facebook Insight allow you to do this type of analysis.

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