Find List Country Email List On the other hand in the world of events

On the other hand in the world of events

The cost of NFC Tags is approximately tween . and . euros depending on the size and does not include the cost of the badge or bracelet inside which it must  install. Iacons iacons icon Newcomers in the field of technologies and recently introduc for registering guests at events are iacons . acons are small Bluetooth transmitters or etymologically radio acons.

These are capable of emitting a signal

Up to meters away which can  intercept by any electronic device equipp with BLE Bluetooth Low Energy. This means that to register visitors you will only ne to install approximately acons to cover a registration area of ​​approximately m . The average cost of a acon is Somalia Email List around  . . To cover a greater numr of people and or a larger area simply place additional acons. Companies that provide this type of service also offer customizable packages. An example is Digivents which manag the famous Cisco event during which registration times were ruc by . And the installation costs In fact the expression installation is not entirely suitable. In fact following the purchase no technician is ne and there is no cost or installation process. Simply purchase the acons and place them in certain points of the foyer hall or reception where you want to register.

Country Email List

If you expect the presence of children

Then  careful not to leave them too visible though the acons are small cute and colorful and could easily  mistaken for a toy alien spaceship. With a small gesture you will have sav your guests from endless waiting queues and the wow effect is guarante All you ne to do is  physically Russia Phone Number present at the event to register and this will  enough to retain your customer. the main equation is Efficiency Satisfaction Loyalty How to register guests question iconBut what will I have to explain to my guests in order to register You will just have to tell them the area where they will have to go to check in and the name of the app to download perhaps through a simple banner or why not combining the two technologies mention above.

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