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English blogger and event planner

The bag In conclusion In this article you will find some practical. I advice on choosing the materials to make available to the participants of your events to invest your budget. I in functional and quality gadgets. That s right pens and USB sticks notepads bags and backpacks but also other more unexpect objects can come real gifts offer to guests if chosen with care and attention. quality materials perhaps chosen at the last moment from the most convenient offers Absolutely not.

You ready Let s gin A principle for choosing

Gadgets brain iconA principle that will guide your strategy to st choose the gadgets for your events. As a good event planner you will have participat in institutional South Korea Email List conventions and conferences with an attendance of hundrs of people attract by the presence of high profile professionals. They are often excellent opportunities to steal some tricks of the trade that today allow you to organize your events. Well it is precisely at the end of these great events that you will have seen rivers of people leaving the meeting room load with objects of all kinds. Not only the classic note taking tools but also sweatshirts umbrellas scarves and for the more imaginative smartphone covers and small succulent plants.

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What did you learn from these experiences

Filling guests with gadgets is the st solution to leave an indelible memory of the event. Are you convinc of it I do not. And I ll tell you why. A few years ago a famousĀ  Julius Solaris ask a hotel for permission to peek into the bins of rooms that were hosting guests at an international Singapore Phone Number conference. The result An exorbitant quantity of information leaflets company gadgets and very expensive CDs end up in the garbage. Hundrs or thousands of euros thrown in the bin. Which promotional gadgets to choose questions iconBut then should we focus on kits made of poor.

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