Bima never hungry for knowledge is not just a hot

Students who want to broaden their horizons. The student in Class 11 is also often trusted by the school and participates in various competitions in the field of science and technology. He admitted that sometimes Bima signed up for various competitions without even being asked by the school.

Bima’s participation in these competitions brings Bima and AWS together. At the time, Bima was participating in a cloud computing competition organized by the Sagasitas Indonesia Foundation and AWS. There, Bima saw advantages over many of AWS’s other cloud providers, one of which was the presence of Amplify. For Bima, this AWS managed service really comes in handy with the many features it offers. This makes AWS the number one cloud provider in the world today, according to IT Business Edge.

Seeing that AWS provided an opportunity to learn cloud and backend development for free at Dicoding, Bima didn’t want to waste this opportunity. He is also enrolled in the AWS x Dicoding: Cloud and Backend Developer Fellowship Program. Bima was motivated by his desire to have a solid foundation in cloud computing. Bima is sure that if he has a solid knowledge base, it will be easier for him to explore this field one day.

After a while, we found an update on Swoole,

One of the PHP open source projects. Simply put, Swoole will provide PHP engineers with coroutines and channels. We are curious, what if we change the most popular PHP version of the application to use Swoole? Perhaps as happened in Lists Of Mobile Number List the Golang version of palingram, PHP applications can be faster.

For those who have used goroutines, the API provided by Swoole is no stranger. Until then, the process of changing applications is well underway.

However, we were pleasantly surprised when the app launched. Most RAM versions of PHP that use coroutines and channels run slower than PHP versions that do not use coroutines and channels. This made us realize that using coroutines doesn’t necessarily make the program faster. We learn as much as possible about the runtime characteristics of the platforms we use.

So if there’s an interesting concept in another programming language, it’s a great opportunity for ATM aka observe, imitate, and modify.

Learn by reading code

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One of the benefits of open source is that the code is open for us to read. This is a great opportunity to learn how to use the API. Just as importantly, this is an opportunity to learn how to solve the problem. We can learn a lot from code written by other engineers.

An example of a tool we can use is Github FIND List Search. We use this tool to learn how to use http.Transport in Golang. Another tool that can be used is SourceGraph.

Contributions from the Institutional Environment
After studying more than 160 hours at DTS PROA Android, the knowledge Apri gained has had an impact on his career. He was inspired to create technological innovations that could facilitate justice seekers. Aprili hopes to make his contribution a reality by first transmitting his insights in the context in which he works.

Basically, the environment in which Apri works is highly technical. Not only do they have an up-to-date website and social media, but now the public can register cases and conduct trials online through the e-court. Even if it is an electronic litigation judgment or court judgment, the parties can directly print it out

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