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Discover What Happens Next

Remember the hero who “Put the town on fire” and then stopped the criminal? Or the game where a recipient had to find Easter eggs in our office? We described them above. Spin the GIF at the beginning of this post? It is based on the “Spin the Wheel” mechanic. This is a perfect choice for marketers to give discounts away or let your contacts win their present. Just ask them to spin the wheel.

Wrapping up

Case studies show that gamification is important for email marketing. It helps your business to go viral. It multiplies your ROI by 3. Most importantly, it lets your customers relax and have some fun in your emails, which is good for long-term relations. Nonprofit email China phone number data marketing is just as much of a science as any other email marketing but with much more psychology intertwined in the process. Email marketers working for nonprofits need to understand the motifs that make their organization’s benefactors donate, find the relevant content with the right emotional charge to trigger the donation and hit the right cord with a sincere “thank you” message every time for higher lifetime value.

The bigger your email database

Phone Number List

The more chances people will donate a dollar or two here and there if they see an email and a call to action that resonates. In this article, we share nonprofit email marketing statistics, provide helpful tips for these campaigns, and show you some examples of such emails.

Nonprofit email marketing statistics and facts

According to the 2023 Nonprofit Tech for Good Report, 68% of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) utilize email marketing. Further insights derived from this report can help understand your nonprofit organization’s email subscribers and popular tactics to grow  Find List them better. Best email marketing tools are universal, but if you want to experiment or try marketing software for nonprofits to choose the one that works for you, it’s great. You need to be in constant contact with your audience. So find the email marketing tool that works for you and use it. There are lots of options in all price ranges.

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