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Jack Welch has written about the phenomenon of what he calls jerks or bullies from his own experience. At GE they were referr to as a Type manager the person who delivers on all the commitments makes the numbers but doesn t share the values. In Welch made the dramatic announcement at a companywide meeting that four out of the five managers being ask to leave the company had deliver good financial performance but were shown the door because they didn t practice our values.

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Illustrat one problem of managing the brilliant jerk—the event occurr years after Welch assum the role of CEO. My conclusions in the past have reflect those of leaders whom I respect. They include listening closely to what is going on beginning an intervention with the Guyana Email List offender early on providing an opportunity for attitude improvement possibly with the engagement of a counselor or coach and then terminating in a timely fashion the employee who is unable to change. Of course the best course of action may be not to hire this type of person in the first place. As Richard Fairbanks CEO of Capital One is fond of saying At most companies people spend percent of their time recruiting and percent managing their recruiting mistakes.

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Hiring mishap In revisiting this topic I m beginning to wonder if there are ways of salvaging brilliant jerks and preserving the energy ideas and performance they Egypt Telegram Number can bring to an organization For example in larger organizations is reassignment a solution  with others help Can a different boss make a difference Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman have written about how to manage around a weakness not by changing people but by balancing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

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