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They are demanding to the point

Todd Stark mus about how much we really know about brilliant jerks and how to manage them. As he put it I think we ne to learn more about this type of person to deal with this phenomenon. We ne to learn more about specifically how these folks bring something valuable into the organization and specifically how to minimize the damage.

Stark wrote Many companies are run

By jerks and some of the most successful projects in the world have been accomplish by jerks. Todd s comments prompt the questions Have we fail to take Guatemala Email List appropriate notice of research and accumulat experiences that would help managers understand and act on the problem Can the brilliance of the jerk be tapp with some degree of consistency Is it worth it What do you think Original Article The annoying employee who makes his numbers while alienating those around him will gain ne attention in the coming months with at least one book about to be publish on the subject. This is an age old problem that most managers handle badly.

Country Email List

You know the story by now

It concerns high performing employees known by some as stars and by others as destructive heroes or brilliant jerks those who generate a great deal of business while China Telegram Number creating problems for colleagues.  of being abusive they make promises to clients that their colleagues cannot meet they take too much crit for success and they generally are unable to adhere to commonly shar values of members of the organization. The management response to this kind of situation is too often ineffective. By their own admission their managers are reluctant to rock the boat as long as the numbers continue to be good.

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